Starboard Take Off


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Product Overview

The Take Off has seen great success and enthusiasm, particularly from our riders in wing freestyle competitions, with Dream Team riders using our latest and smallest Take Off models in a range of events.

The 2024 Take Off has been completely redesigned to be a more performance-oriented freestyle wing foil model. A new size range with slightly longer but narrower sizes has allowed us to achieve faster Take Offs and more even flying when at speed. The streamline shape includes a thin nose for faster and more balanced flying, and the cutaway tail creates a narrow pin at the tip for reduced drag in the air and water. The bottom shape features sharp rails with a flat midsection for predictability and recovery in touchdowns from any angle.

The new Take Off range suits intermediate to advanced riders, with sizes from 5Õ3_ x 25.5_ and above catering for a range of foiling with wing and SUP foiling, and sizes from 5Õ0_ x 24.5_ down to 4Õ0_ x 18.5_ perfect for high-performance wing and foil surfing. The larger 7Õ0_ x 31_ and 6Õ3_ x 28_ are designed for heavier riders wanting to take their winging or SUP Foiling to new heights.

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