We get it. These sports look FUN ... but also hard. But with good tuition, it all makes sense...


There’s often a belief that kite boarding, surfing and even standup paddle boarding are all too hard for mere mortals. And maybe that was true in the early days of the sport, but not anymore.

Let’s fast forward to the present day, and what has changed. The boards are far more stable and, in windsurfing and kite boarding, the sails are lighter and easier to handle. Everyone can now get up and start moving and when you do, the smile you crack goes from ear to ear: there are very few experiences to compare to your first real board experience, be it windsurfing, kite, surf or SUP.

That’s not to say that this sport is easy… there’s still plenty of challenge to be had. As you progress you’ll find there’s an increasing amount of art to the skill, not to mention a zen-like outcome when you find the right balance point between nature, board and body. And we can get you there.

Whether it’s a case of giving a sport a second shot, or trying it for the first time, we’re here to make sure that this time around you nail it. We focus on the “board” sports – kite boarding, surfing, windsurfing or standup paddle – as they are the areas that we love and spend a rather large part of our lives doing.

So whichever sport you choose, we are here to help with lessons and – when the basics are mastered – rentals to keep the fun going. Being out on the water, on any type of board is, we believe, the ultimate relaxation. Your work stresses disappear into the background. How can you beat that?

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