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Learn to kiteboard! It's as much fun as it looks like - maybe even more! Even better, whie it looks like it will be impossible to learn, that is far from the case. Come give it a shot - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

It doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer looking to try out the sport, or someone looking to nail their next move. We are here to help. See more details...





Kite Boards

From beginner gear to freestyle and wave, Hampton Watersports offers the board that will get you up and flying over the water before you know it.

We stock Naish, Cabrinha and Nobile and our team will make sure you walk out with the right board for the job. The result should be a wide grin on your face when out on the water later!

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Cabrinha, Naish, Ozone, Slingshot... all the big names in Kites are here in the store. Browse through the options, see what catches your eye and then let's set up that first date on the beach where you get to know each other a little better.

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Hook in, hang on. Dakine's finest harnesses are just hanging around at our store waiting for the right waist (or "seat") to come along. And there's a harness here for all shapes and sizes, never fear.

There's also a wide range of harness lines available, including mono, standard and adjustable length options.

Click on the image to browse the range of harnesses, or give us a call if you are looking for something else.



Footstraps and Everything Else...

Footstraps and everything else you can imagine... all the way down to that bolt you need to re-attach the fin to the board. We either have it in stock, and can find it for you pretty quickly. After all, we know you want to get back on the water as soon as you can.



North Kiteboarding
The DICE is a versatile kite for riders who love to throw down freestyle tricks but also like to party in the waves. With an increased radius profile, a slight delta shape and a redesigned, slightly thicker leading edge, the DICE is a progressive...
North Kiteboarding
The Rebel is the all-time classic freeride kite, legendary performance, big air superiority and a stunning hang time. Last year the Rebel had a significant overhaul that saw the design built around a 4 line set up. The kite was a huge success and this...
North Kiteboarding
The Duotone trainer kites are available in two different sizes. The Lizard 1.8 and the Lizard 2.5, they both offer a safe and enjoyable way for newcomers to learn the basics of kite flying, before they progress onto their first lesson on the water...
Blending efficiency and innovation, this forgiving kite is incredibly versatile. Designed primarily for foiling, the Boxer has proven to be so adaptable and accessible, it appeals to all skillsets and riding styles. A single luff strut marries the best...
Designed for experienced kiters that like to push the limits, the Dash is THE fast-steering kite that delivers powerful pull and an engaging ride. Built to move, the Dash generates powerful pull with ample bar pressure and more direct feel, which makes...
Winner of 2018 Red Bull’s King of the Air, the Pivot is direct, versatile and efficient, maintaining its stand out performer status in the Naish kite line. Perfect for both novice and professional kiters alike, the Pivot provides plenty of...
Effortless and accessible, the Naish Ride is a fast favorite among riders of all levels. Ideal for those looking to progress their skills quickly, the open center section of this lightweight, two-strut design delivers superior low-end performance and...
The leading edge bladder has been further tapered through the wingtip, creating an even smaller diameter for improved turning speed and response. Providing incredible low-end power and the best down-the-line drift in the Naish line, the bar pressure has...
With input from Red Bull King of the Air Champions and top freestyle kiters, the Torch continues to be refined and tuned to deliver smoother power and precise handling for predictable flying. For 2019 the focus has been on improving its low end power...
North Kiteboarding
The best kite control system in the industry just got better! Last year the Click Bar revolutionised how we control our kites, this year it’s on a whole other level! There are now three different chicken loop options available offering maximum...
North Kiteboarding
If you love freestyle, but also like to play in the waves from time to time, the DICE is the kite you need in your quiver. The steering is now even more responsive, allowing you to boost bigger jumps and control your loops with ease. Pop created by the...
North Kiteboarding
Are you ready for the EVOlution? The best all round kite on the market, now in a three strut format! The EVO is a hugely popular kite for North Kiteboarding, with exceptional hangtime and huge boosting capabilities. With easy sheet and go handling, and...
North Kiteboarding
The Gambler is a high-end park and wakestyle board aimed at the discerning rider who knows exactly what they want. The massive rocker on the Gambler gives the board loads of control, exactly what you need when landing technical tricks in the park. There...
North Kiteboarding
The Gonzales is an entry level kiteboard with a twist; it also has the ability to progress as you improve doubling up as a formidable freeride machine. The round outline offers excellent control while the soft flex makes it very forgiving. This flex...
North Kiteboarding
There are many legends of this great sport, but there is only one Jaime Herraiz, for years his pro model board has been one of the most popular twin tips on the planet, for 2018 that legacy continues. Aimed at the rider who likes to ride both hooked and...
North Kiteboarding
How do you make one of the best kiteboards in the business better? Take one of the most versatile and popular shapes in the range and give it that little something extra! In this case, it’s a lot of something called Textreme Carbon, the most exotic...