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We get it. If you are standing on a beach and see people kiteboarding and your first thought is: “Whoa, that looks awesome... and very, very hard to do.”


And we’re not going to pretend it’s a walk in the park. It isn’t. But it’s also nowhere near as hard as it looks. Which is what makes it so cool right? Once you nail it (which doesn’t take too long, we promise) then it’s you out there on the water and someone else standing on the beach with their mouth wide open.

So trust us: give it a shot. It’s not just that you look good to an audience. Nope, more importantly, it feels amazing to be out there carving through the water.

Whether it’s a case of giving a sport a second shot, or trying it for the first time, we’re here to make sure that this time around you nail it. We focus on the “board” sports – kite boarding, surfing, windsurfing or standup paddle – as they are the areas that we love and spend a rather large part of our lives doing.

So whichever sport you choose, we are here to help with lessons and – when the basics are mastered – rentals to keep the fun going. Being out on the water, on any type of board is, we believe, the ultimate relaxation. Your work stresses disappear into the background. How can you beat that?



lesson-header.png One person Two People            
$399 $399 + $199            
  Lessons are two hours in duration        


    Call us to schedule an appointment at 1-631 283 9463  

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