Duotone Warp_Foil 20.24


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Product Overview

The WARP_FOIL extends our PWA and IFCA fin slalom champion sail range. ItÕs a specific and highly advanced foil design suited for foil racers looking for something that complements the low-drag of the hydrofoil. Compared to traditional fin sailing you have approximately 70% lower drag on the foil. Therefore it requires a totally different sail design (profile, twist pattern, aspect ratio) to match the low-drag hydrofoils. The 20.24 lineup is fully focused on the new PWA slalom foil rules.

The major focus when developing the new WARP_FOIL 20.24 was to increase the wind range (= improved average speed) and flight control in the top end (=improved v-max). To achieve this we substantially increased the luff curve which leads to a much more controlled and balanced behaviour when fully powered up. We also increased the luff length even further wich allowed us to reduces the head geometry. The smaller head creates a smaller leverage thus improves control and balance again.