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Product Overview

Everyone strives to be different and thus loves individualisation. But do you want to buy a surprise egg custom boards often turn out to be? Or trust in a proven shape by a brand which has continuously been at the forefront of the board development with over 40 years of experience.Ê

Look no further cause here comes the GRIP D/LAB board range. Ê

At DUOTONE only real game-changer products qualify to carry the D/LAB logo. So whatÕs so special about these boards to allow them to become the first D/LAB products under DUOTONE Windsurfing? Ê

During the last 3 years our product manager boards Dani Aeberli and our QC specialist Vasin Siritho have worked on a new technology which is exclusive for DUOTONE. We call thisÊCUSTOM CNC SANDWICH. Ê

We use a construction which is one hundred percent identical to the most high-end custom made boards. Instead of using a mould to bring the EPS foam core into its final shape each EPS block gets CNC milled. This ensures maximum precision and saves weight.ÊÊ

Same as with high-end custom board makers the major advantage lays in the processing. We call this SINGLE PROCESS TECHNOLOGY and it is the key to our industry-leading weight-strength ratio.ÊÊ

Instead of combining working steps to save time and money every single step follows its individual process. So for example instead of joining the PVC sandwich with the EPS core in a single shot we vacuum-bag the top and bottom PVC shields with the EPS core separately.ÊÊ

Also instead of using standard 3mm PVC elements for the entire board we use thicker and thinner PVC plates as well according to the stress areas which makes the board lighter yet stronger. Ê

For all D/LAB boards we use our most sophisticated layup which consists of more than 60 individual parts and components (nearly 20% more parts than used for our SLS Premium Sandwich Construction).

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