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Product Overview

Over the last 3 years Dani Aeberli (product manager boards) and Vasin Siritho (implementation + QC manager boards) have worked out a technology being worthy to qualify for the D/LAB label. Instead of the usual semi-custom technology we are now using a 100% full custom technology. We call this CUSTOM CNC SANDWICH TECHNOLOGYÊ(please find all details below under TECH FEATURES).

Even before hitting the water you can already get an idea of what to expect. Simply lift the board and you will be shocked how light it is. Then knock on the hull and you immediately realise how stiff the board is. Compare it with a typical semi-custom production board and the difference is imminent.

The result on the water is truly mind-blowing. Due to the massively reduced weight (up to 500g) and the incredible additional stiffness, even the unchanged shapes feel like a completely new board. The acceleration is on a totally different level than anything we have produced before.

According to the latest PWA foil rules for 2024 you can only register one board size. This allowed us to focus all our entire development on this one board, refining the shape down to the last millimeter and perfecting every single detail.Ê

Here are some of the highlights of the brand-new FALCON_FOIL:


In our CAD design process, we have seamlessly incorporated the latest CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) technology for aerodynamic analysis. This advanced approach ensures optimized airflow, significantly reducing drag and enhancing the top-speed performance of our product.


The Recessed mastfoot area, keeps the rig connection low and boosts control.


The optimized scoop rocker line, open V in the nose section and the specialized extended tail cut-outs make gybing more forgiving and help you keep the top speed more consistent.

FALCON_FOIL D/LAB - we are very convinced that the combination of the most competitive shapes and our brand-new CUSTOM CNC SANDWICH TECHNOLOGY will be a serious contender for foil racing competitions.

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