Duotone F_Pace Cam


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Product Overview

Compared to traditional fin sailing you have approximately 70% less drag on the foil. We were the first brand to understand that it requires a totally different sail design (profile, twist pattern, aspect ratio) to match the low-drag hydrofoils. The most important factor for performance foil sails is the balance between control and performance/speed over a maximum wind range combined with effortless handling. Compared to the regular F_PACE the F_PACE CAM features an additional 6th batten and 2 HYPER CAM 2.0 + 2 SLEEVE INDUCERS. In addition the F_PACE CAM is designed around SDM masts. All this leads to a much more performance oriented behavior over a huge wind range. The high aspect outline with reduced top surface corresponds perfectly with the low water resistance of the hydrofoil and the almost non-existent lateral forces. With less movement in the top, the rig remains stable over the board, for maximum control yet very reactive. The foot closes perfectly with the deck and allows for extreme angles against the wind with the extended foot batten Ð yet thanks to the extremely concave outline without any negative influence to the handling! All sizes are now equipped with an XPly top panel. The slightly more elastic XPly improves control in high winds and keeps the leech stable. Another major improvement to enhance control is the reduced profile at batten 6 which shifts the main power to the center. In our eyes, the F_PACE CAM redefines the benchmark of control : performance : wind-range ratio. And all of this combined with effortless handling and super smooth rotation so that even intermediate riders can choose the F_PACE CAM.