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Race 100-K


We have worked hard over the 2 years together with our mast manufacturer to develop masts that would have a combination of superior strength and maximum performance. It was agreed to achieve this we would have to slightly change our bends to a slightly stiffer bottom and more flexible top section. 

After exhaustively developing and testing a great number of prototypes we found the correct balance that not only achieved our durability and performance goals in the new sails but also maintained excellent compatibility with our older sail models. 

Durability was achieved by increased wall thickness in the base of the masts, combined with an additional exterior Kevlar lamination for impact resistance and load distribution. Working together with our factory engineers we found that the new construction worked optimally with a slightly more constant curve bend and that this was also giving us performance benefits. 

To be clear about the changes in bend character, our Masts have traditionally had a “percent of midpoint deflection difference” between the ¼ and ¾ points of between 7% and 11%, depending on size, which according to conventional bend definition would be classified as “Hard-top-constant curve”. The new masts have a “percent of midpoint deflection difference” of between 10% and 12%, classifying them as “constant curve”.

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