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Fanatic Sky Surf Foil


-Stable and quick to paddle due to increased volume, flat rocker and thick rails
-Compact shape delivers the best combination of stability and manoeuvrability
-Unique concaved deck shape provides increased leverage and control over the foil and gives a comfortable, stable platform to lie on
-Footpad with centreline bumper delivers grip, comfort and helps your foot locate the centreline when riding
-Channeled bottom shape helps tracking and delivers a softer touch-down
-Increased volume allows the use of a smaller board whilst remaining easy to paddle
-Reduced board length to fit on smaller waves and boost manoeuvrability
-Very easy to pump and generate lift due to the light weight and reduced length
-Track system foil mount allows for fine tuning
-Available in three sizes: 4’10”, 5’2” & 5’6”
-Supplied in CST (Custom Surf) construction

Fanatic Sky Surf Foil Reviews