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Fanatic Sky SUP Foil


-Design is 100 % optimised for foiling
-Compact shape for stability and manoeuvrability
-Bevelled rails for a soft touch-down and to avoid catching in tight turns on the wave
-Concaved deck shape for increased comfort and control
-Full deckpad with centreline bumper delivers grip, comfort and helps your foot locate the centreline when riding
-Unique channel bottom shape for efficiency, soft landings and great tracking whilst paddling
-Optional fin behind the foil to boost straight line tracking whilst paddling
-Short length makes it easy to pump, control and transport
-Track system foil mount allows for fine tuning
-Carrying handle for ease
-Available in four sizes: 6’4”, 6’6”, 6’10” & 7’0”
-Supplied in CST (Custom Surf) construction

Fanatic Sky SUP Foil Reviews