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Carbon Boom Slalom (170 - 230)


It's been many years with the graphic unchanged and along the way we have been continuously improving small details. The adjustment clips have gone through a big evolution to prevent the corrosion that affected them (we had to chrome plate the 316SS pins!), and the clip bodies were made stronger as well.  

Small adjustments to the layup and material specs were made for the Race 190-240, and for this year, there is a wide tail slalom version of the Slalom 170-230 (the tail piece retrofits both the Wave 170 and 140). The new grip design is a 'statement' for 2012, and also has less pieces and a slightly harder character to improve durability.  

So the boom is 'new' in a sense, but it is still the same old super strong, stiff, perfectly shaped one you might have known before. 

Using moulds developed and owned by MauiSails, and designs with unique bends and diameters, assures that our full range of carbon booms is exclusive to MauiSails in every regard. All plastic parts are designed, developed, and molded to create these special products, the recognized highest standard of carbon booms in the windsurfing industry today.  

Huge steam heated press moulds are the core of the complex process. These state-of-the-art carbon booms are formed using pre-preg carbon fiber to produce the best weight to stiffness possible in composite carbon construction. The tested and proven proprietary frontend is designed to perfectly mate with the 40mm diameter monocoque boom arm. Each boom size is purpose specific, from the Carbon Race 250-310 with large diameter tubes and continuous tail piece with built-in adjustable outhaul pulley system, to the Wave 140 with full length 30mm grip for super hand comfort and control.

Carbon Boom Slalom (170 - 230) Reviews