Streamlined QUICK LOCK TENDON  
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US Cup: QUICK-LOCK plate with Base $ 92.95
EX Pin: QUICK-LOCK plate with Base $ 91.95
Deck Plate for QUICK-LOCK $ 36.95
US Cup: Base $ 67.95
EX Pin: Base $ 65.95




Invented, designed, engineered, tested, evolved, tested, proven, proven and proven for the last twenty years. Yes, two decades of fun, radical, extreme sailing and of coarse, getting you back in. Any wind, any water, our innovative urethane tendon is simply the best. Streamlined's own proprietary formula is easily identified by our trade mark salmon color and our printed logo assuring you are a part of our heritage. Our tendon has earned the reputation of the most dependable in the industry.

'QUICK-LOCK' System (two bolt)

Double strong, double dependable. Proven in giant surf! Small, unobtrusive and ultra low profile. This system allows quick, secure connecting and disconnecting below your universal. The deck plate remains on your board. This unique design assures low bend point, double swiveling, and virtually break proof strength.

The tendon is easy to inspect and replace when necessary. The tendon, as with all Streamlined products, are warranted for one year. The Streamlined tendon universal systems are built with unbreakable aluminum end caps and a Spectra, 816 kilogram (1800 pound) break strength, safety line. This is a connection you can trust


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